The Essie’s Top 6: Snakeskin Nail Art Tutorial


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I’m a few rounds deep in The Essie’s nail art competition, and I made the Top 6! This round is about creating “the ultimate nude look” with the new Wild Nudes collection.

The Look

This is a neutral snakeskin design that is super intricate but really easy to wear. The base colors are Wild Nude and Bare With Me, and the linework is done in Winning Streak

The Inspiration

As soon as I saw the Wild Nudes collection, I immediately thought of snakeskin. It’s literally a wild animal, and it’s the perfect neutral staple in any wardrobe that goes with anything. Also, it feels a little badass!

I tried a bunch of different styles and color combinations on the look, and finally came up with this rendition. I’ve learned that it’s good to go with your gut, and then tweak from there.

I used 2 base colors instead of one to add dimension to the look. Using both pink and beige shades looks really nice on the skin. The Wild Nudes collection is very cohesive, the colors mesh together so well that I had to use the lightest and darkest ones to create the contrast I needed.

And yes, it took me forever. This design is simple, but it isn’t easy. Luckily I’m not a perfectionist, otherwise this would have taken hours.

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