Impressionist Ombre Nail Art Tutorial

Impressionist Sunset Nails

This impressionist style look is my final nail art tutorial for The Essie’s!


Short Answer: Monet

Long Answer: This final round was music inspired, and as soon as I found out the theme, I instantly flashed back to high school when I had to write piano music in Music Theory. As a non-pianist, I was absolutely clueless on how to write our Impressionist piece. So I raised my hand and asked my teacher how exactly to do it. Brushing me off a bit, she said “Just write it like your shirt. Colorful and flowy!”. Now this didn’t help me resolve my chord dissonance, but it did remind me of Impressionist artists.  Now, what does this have to do with my final design? Well, I’ve gone with my gut reaction when choosing my designs for the past Essie rounds, and it’s gotten me this far, so I decided to follow my flashback and do Impressionist art.


Check out the video below!


Life isn’t a popularity contest, but the Fan Favorite for The Essie’s is! I have so much gratitude and love for everyone who took the time to vote, share, vote, spread the love, and vote again!

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