The Bright Side: How to Wear Summery Nail Colors

Wear Bright Shades Without Looking Like a Beach Umbrella

I don’t believe in changing your nails based on the season, but I can’t deny that the summery weather is making me wear more bright colors. It can be daunting to pair different tones together without looking like a bag of jelly beans or a swimsuit from the kid’s section, but don’t worry, there’s always a way to be sophisticated and fun!

Here are some beach-ready tones to go with your Coppertone. Some shades for sittin’ in the shade. Some hues for your baby blues. Someone stop me!

Go Tonal

The easiest failsafe color combo is by far the tonal look. Don’t know what to pair with bright color? Just pick a pale version of it! Whether it’s blue on blue, or 3 shades of pink, you can’t go wrong because it’ll always look cohesive.

Up the Contrast

Soft, pale colors will make bright ones pop and vice versa. This ultra-pale purple and coral red pop almost as much as black agains white! (Funnily enough, these colors are named Sugar and Spice by BioSeaweed. No wonder they go together!)

Take it in Small Doses

You don’t need a huge color block to make an impact. Ease into bright combos by starting with little lines and small designs. The only reason this 5-color nail design doesn’t look WILD is because there’s only a teeeeny little line of each color.

What NOT To Do:

This. I picked a peachy nude to pair with this purple, and they meshed so well you can barely tell there’s a design there!

Any favorite summer color combos?

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