Nail Art Trend: Tropical Prints

tropical nails

All hands on deck!

Dads used to be the only ones donning their hibiscus flowers and palm leaves, but Tommy Bahama is no longer the only captain of this ship. Cha Cha Matcha is taking over. @PlantsonPink is everywhere. Flamingo pool floats, pineapple shirts, you name it. The tropical storm is here, and it’s sweeping all of us up in the rip tide. Time to ride the wave and take this trend to your fingers!

I’m drowning in these nautical puns

Plants on Pink

Trop’ it like it’s hot, and nothing is hotter right now than the trend of plants on pink backgrounds. Yes, I caved to the trend. Who cares, it’s pretty!

The Deep Blue Sea

Salute to the navy. This deep blue background is an unexpected way to make your florals pop in a super summery way!


Make it Fade

Add a lil’ ombre to your leaves by adding on touches of a darker color towards the points. It adds dimension, and it’s an excuse to use more colors!

tropical nails

Flamingo Fingers

These are really difficult to paint but they look so flockin’ good. Applause for Alexandra Cassells nailing this look and being a trop queen.


Pink is for Girls and Blue is for…also girls!

More on unexpected color combos: Pink + Blue are summery as can be, especially in these painterly leaves by Harli G.

Don’t Forget Your Leafy Greens

Kale smoothies are cool but nature-inspired nails are cooler. Leave it to Kara Crevier to bless us with these super cute leafy nails!


White Hot Summer Nails

Queen of painting delicate prints, Nina Park might as well start designing clothes because I want this on a Hawaiian shirt and I want it now.

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