Gridlock Negative Space Nail Art Tutorial

Tiny Tutorial Time!
This will be the first of many mini tutorials to come! Ain’t nobody got time for long tutorials, so here’s how to achieve one of my favorite original nail looks in under 30 seconds!


I’ve always wanted to create a perforated nail look, but it took a lot of trial and error. Scooping out polish, painting around the nail, using tape, whichever method you use to create small spots of negative space, it is HARD.

While exploring and failing at creating a perfect perforated-looking nail, I came up with this design. It’s slightly easier because the squares of negative space aren’t so small, but it still works. The best part of this design, however, is that you don’t need any nail art brushes! This design only requires using the nail polish brush right from the bottle.



All filmed on the iPhone 6s
Color used is Fiji by Essie

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