Unpopular Opinion: DO Shake your nail polish bottles!

If you’ve ever opened a magazine, you’ve read how you’re Ruining Your Nails by shaking the polish bottles, or Killing Your Manicure by not rolling it between your hands. GASP!

The entire internet, from Marie Claire to Business Insider, is telling us to never dare shake a bottle again. Ugh.

Well, the internet is WRONG.

(Even though I’m also the internet) As a nail technician, I swear by shaking nail and gel polish bottles because I absolutely have to! Also I really like that satisfying sound it makes when those little beads clank around in the bottles. What can I say.

Pro tip: If you shake a polish and you CAN’T hear those beads, it’s too thick. Toss it.

Why you gotta shake it to make it

Nail polish is made up of solvents and solutes. You gotta shake ’em to mix ’em. If you DON’T shake your nail polish, the formula might remain separated. Cue the chipping manicure, uneven color, and goopy polish. In my opinion, rolling the bottles does not mix polish properly or efficiently.

The “air bubble” issue

So you’ve heard that shaking polish can trap air bubbles in it and therefore make your manicure chip. Well, polish bottles ALREADY have air inside them. They have to, they’re not filled 100% with liquid. There’s always some air particles in there. Air bubbles happen naturally, and you just have to pay attention to how you paint. Slow brushstrokes and a careful eye will do you wonders. The moment you see a bubble appear in your brushstroke, paint over it and press down your brush to squash the little guy outta there.

But actually it’s not a huge deal, here’s why:

If your manicures aren’t lasting, it’s not because of how you shake the bottle. It’s probably because one of these other reasons.  (Or, you went to a nail salon that did a sloppy job to get you in and out the door to make more money. It happens.) Whether you shake or roll, neither of these things are life or death. Sure, you might be risking a wonky manicure but it’s still just a risk, not a guarantee. I’m not trying to freak you out! Whether But I’m telling you, shaking is more satisfying, it works better, and it brings all the boys to the yard.

Let me know what you think!

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