Say Hello to Holo Nails: The Trend from 3017

We all love something that makes us go “Ooh, something shiny!” so why not bring that to your nails? No need to go to the salon for a chrome powder gel mani, because these are options that can be done in regular polish! (fun fact: chrome powder nails do not last long!)


Foil: Not just for your food!

Nail foils are 10/10 my favorite WOW factor. (And you can get them on This site for very very cheap.) Wearable with both polish and gel, there are holographic and chrome-y metalics to make sure you never stop staring at your nails.

Holographic lilac foil over a purple metallic polish. Flashy and feminine!

Holographic silver foil over silver polish. Futuristic goals!

Silver foil over silver gel makes for a classic metallic.


Don’t forget about glitter!

Full-coverage glitter manis are also a showstopper, especially in rose gold! Paint your nails, then 1 coat of adhesive. Once it dries, take an eyeshadow brush dipped in glitter and scrub it onto the nail until it is covered in glitter.


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