Marble Nails: The Trend that’s Rock Solid

marble nails

Marble nails aren’t going anywhere.

This trend has been here over a year, and it really is really here to stay. (I guess literal marble rock isn’t going anywhere either) Matte, shiny, black, or white, it’s a subtle look that’s never not chic. When people ask what I love to paint most, my short answer is marble nails, because the painting process is simply mesmerizing. It’s one of those designs that makes you go WOW, and never stop staring at your nails.

It’s marble-ous!

(awful pun but I had to)

Painting marble nails actually isn’t that difficult, because it’s okay to look messy! All marble rock is different, so each nail gets to look different. There’s no “perfect” way.


How-To in Gel: Drag thin lines of black color through an uncured layer of white gel

How-To in Polish: With a detailer brush, wipe most of the polish off before painting organic lines through the nail.

Most of these were done in gel, and 1 of the designs in polish. Can you guess which one?

marble nails

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