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Nails should be fun. Awkward salon experiences and frustrating DIY trials end here.

Nails matter to me. And if you’re here, they probably matter to you, too. It’s a matter of health, safety, beauty, and confidence.

  • When your nails are on point, you look good and feel good.
  • When your nail stylist talks you through the process and you understand what’s happening, you’re comfortable.
  • When you accomplish a DIY look or just got a bomb mani, you’re confident.
  • But unfortunately, we’ve got some problems to overcome.

The issue with salon manicures:
Many salons are doing things wrong, and manicures are usually either expensive and/or too cheap. You don’t always know if the place is safe, let alone beautiful and fun.

The issue with DIY manis:
It’s hard! No one was born knowing how to do their nails, and accurate, relatable help is hard to find.

Through my experience at Christine Valmy nail school and training at Paintbox, I learned the rights and wrongs of manicures that the average person does not need to worry about. I’m still learning, but I want to share what I learn so that everyone can do their own nails with confidence, or get the manicure they deserve, so they can feel amazing.

I’m also going to tell you about my life as a nail artist, if you care. All posts and photos (unless stated otherwise) are written/taken by me, Halle Butler.